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In the summer of 2006 when Cam was seriously ill, a local Crofton girl made Cam a get well card.  From this card CAM POWER began.  Another friend of the family, Sarah Bryant, came up with the idea for the bracelets and Carol immediately knew what message to put on the bracelets!  CAM POWER and DIAMOND GIRL.  Cam chose her favorite color red.

To purchase a CAM POWER bracelet -  please send an email to campower@camerondiamond.org

Each bracelet helps build the play room at JHU. A $5 donation can be made for each bracelet to: Johns  Hopkins. 

Please send a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) with your donation for the CAM POWER bracelets to:
Michelle Zurcher
1438 Crofton Parkway
Crofton, MD  21114


CAM POWER has been "launched", "prepped" to go to the Moon, taking half way around the world to China, been to the Sahara Desert, displayed at the Taj Mahal, shown off by some famous comics, protected by some Ravens, taken to see the Pope, flown over Iraq, and on a cowboy before he was on Dancing with the Stars!!!  

 Ray Lewis and Todd Heap of the Baltimore Ravens show their CAM POWER:


Ray Lewis


HEEEAAAP (Todd Heap)





C U Boulder... Finishline...way to Alex and BJ










The Patrizio Family showed their CamPower at Disney World


Amanda and her best friend Christina Wellner showed their CamPower at the Hard Rock Cafe in DC.  They attended a concert of "Boys Like Girls" for Amanda's 15th Birthday




Cami's good friend Lauren Poole showed her CamPower at the Zoo in San Diego



The Conroy Family showed their CamPower in Denmark and Germany




Send us your picture wearing your CAM POWER!!!

Last Comic Standing Season 6



Iliza Shlesinger

Jeff Dye



BJ ran the Annapolis 10 Miler on Saturday, August 24 sportin' CAM POWER




BJ, Carol, Mandi and Julia were with Aunt Debbie and Uncle Gary when they "launched" CAM POWER.  The Filson's named their boat CAM POWER!!!

Megan Quick (Cam's Nurse) took CAMPOWER to India





Patrick Carroll sports his CAMPOWER!!!!


Megan Quick (Cam's Nurse) in the Sahara Desert with CAMPOWER

Megan Quick in the Sahara Desert with her CamPower


Last Comic Standing Season 6 and CAMPOWER



Iliza Shlesinger

Jeff Dye





Jennifer Patrizio took CAMPOWER to the Berlin Wall

Brian Martucci at Lake Tahoe


Cam Power in Maine on vacation with the Wallace and Conroy families
The Wallace Family- Marty, Deb, Mart & Danny
The Conroy Family- Ted, Karen, Devin & Bryan


Cam Power goes to Beijing, China. 
One World One Dream is the Olympic catch phrase

Great Wall
Chelsea Zurcher and Haley Jeffries show their Cam Power in Tiananmen Square
Michelle and Chelsea in T. Square
Michelle and Chelsea in the Forbidden City.
Cam Power will go to the Moon!!!!!
CAM POWER lives on......

Due to the silicone in the bracelet, I was not able to actually wear it in the clean room. However, her power and strength will go on regardless of where it's located....She will live on in ALL our hearts!  These pictures are of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter located at the Goddard Space Flight Center. This spacecraft will be orbiting the Moon in early 2009 with Cami's name onboard!

Keith Opperhauser






BJ, Carol, Mandi and Julia were with Aunt Debbie and Uncle Gary when they "launched" CAM POWER.  The Filson's named their boat CAM POWER!!!

  Gary and Drew DiFabio took their passport and CAM POWER to Puerto vallarta 
6th grade class in Calvert County, MD walked in “mini relay for live” in early May.  They wore CAMPOWER bracelets and made a sign for Cami. The beautiful words below from the photographer are worth sharing. When he asked the kids who their hero was, all the kids replied that “Cami” was their hero. These are kids who have never met Cami but know the story.  
CAM POWER West showing their CAM POWER CAM POWER West showing their CAM POWER
Jake and Cody show their CAM POWER.

Dora shows her CAM POWER

University of Maryland Basketball team shows their CAM POWER after their weight lifting session.


Thanks to Becky, Child Life Specialist, the Diamonds show off their CAM POWER in a cool way.


 Georgetown Visitation JV Lacrosse show their CAM POWER

Joe, Maggie, Kelly and Brian "The Hanlons" at the Papal Mass on Cami’s birthday.



The Local Crofton Poker players showed their CAM POWER and  raised $1000.

Community United Methodist Church friends made a CAM POWER banner and wore their CAM POWER


Mix 106.5 DJ's wear their CAM POWER at the radiothon for JH


CAM POWER West:  Diane, Gil, Jen, Jim & Jakob.  We believe in CAM POWER. 


Carol and Nurse Megan sporting their CAM POWER



Cami, GO - FIGHT - WIN with lots of love from Uncle Gary, Aunt Debbi, Danielle and William Winkler, Greg and Sarah, plus two!

Keep up the good word. Cami is in our thoughts and prayers always.

Peace and love, xoxoxoxox


CAM POWER at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas

The Legendary Ty Murray and the incredible singer/song writer Jewel show off their CAM POWER


Scott Montague shows off his CAM POWER and buckle from winning the Bareback 6th performance at the NFR.

Taos Muncy shows his CAM POWER after winning the 2007 World Championship in Saddle Bronc Riding

Walt Garrison, 1971 Dallas Cowboy Super Bowl Champ, and former steer wrestler, shows his CAM POWER



CAM POWER at Houston Installation Services

CAM POWER is worn by the Andover Apaches 13U Football Team

CAM POWER at the Raven's Home Opener
LTC Mark Valentine lead the fly over of F16s




Jim Creegan participated in the Hagerstown, MD triathlon and finished 56th out of 195, and 6th in his age group. 

Jim said, ".. wearing the bracelet was inspiring.  A few times during the race I was ready to let up, but looking down at the bracelet and thinking about the girl that it represented and the struggle that she is going through is all I needed to keep pushing on."

  Mike Matt, Bull Fighter, sported his CAM POWER at Frontier Days in Cheyenne, WY   Chad Ferley,  World Champion Saddle Bronc rider, showed off his CAM POWER with Whitney Hayes, also at Frontier Days in Cheyenne, WY  

Many thanks to the 121st Fighter Squadron for taking CAM POWER with them to Iraq.

                   Installation Concepts of New Jersey show their CAM POWER bracelets off